meltons-camas-family-photography-88Welcome!  My name is Julie Melton (aka Queen Convenient) and I’m a busy working mom and freelance writer who currently owns a marketing consulting business and this ‘iknowyourlifestylebrandisntreal’ website for only the realest moms out there.

After struggling through negative self talk about not being good enough at working mom-hood, I recognized this common narrative and decided to write about it to let other working moms know they are doing great (you’re doing great, btw!) and to provide some of my favorite hacks.

I am the mom of two crazies — a 1.5 year old, a 4 year old — and a stepmom to two bonus kids, 11 year old twins.

Join me as I stumble through a busy working lifestyle like a pile of Legos.

Welcome, friend, to the Queen Convenient lifestyle.

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