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Why Your Kids Shoes Can Help End “Decision Drama”

Decision drama. Some of the most successful people in the world make their demanding lives work with one simple trick: minimize the number of small decisions you have to make each day to allow your brain the space to make big decisions.  Did you ever notice President Obama wore only the same blue or gray suit his entire presidency?  He made a lot [more] important decisions each and every day and didn’t want the strain of picking an outfit to take one ounce of his energy.   He’s not alone.  Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and even Dr. Dre (a producer who can rap and control the maestro) use this trick.

What does this have to do with your kid’s shoes?   Well, anyone raising little ones knows how quickly they grow out of shoes, destroy shoes, and even mysteriously lose shoes.  And shoe shopping for kids can be rough, expensive, and complicated.  The sizes are all over the place, they want spiderman light up shoes and you wanted classic sneakers.

If you read any of my stuff, you already know I order EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING online; so shoes are no exception.  Thankfully most sites give you a sizing guide, so you can measure the foot and order correctly.

Now for the hack: I only buy my kids the same shoes.  Over and over.  In bigger sizes, with different prints, in new colors.  Nothing “new”; only tried and true.  I never have to make big decisions about shoes and when I see they need a new pair, I have one on the way within 5 minutes right from my phone.

You might already have a favorite brand or style, and here are mine, and what I love about them:

Saucony Jazz Hoop & Loops Sneakers

  • Girls or Boys styles
  • TONS of colors
  • Easy on/off Velcro strap (even my kids can do it)
  • Comfortable and supportive – no blisters
  • Clear sizing guide
  • Starts when they are age 1 and can wear Saucony into adulthood
  • Stylish! We get so many compliments
  • Durable – my son takes months to wear them down with daily play (you parents know that’s a long time for shoes to look good)

Robeez Soft Soles – Girls and Boys

  • Great for your baby or toddler
  • Perfect for daycare (our daycare requires socks & shoes all day and these are comfortable for developing feet)
  • Stylish and adorable
  • Long-lasting (uh, basically indestructible)
  • Clear sizing guide
  • Easy to clean

Classic Crocs

Side note: Okay, I never thought I would buy Crocs.  I was a Crocs snob. But we’ve tried every brand – including more expensive/stylish ones – and Crocs win out every time.

  • Tons of colors, prints, styles
  • Great for summer, water play
  • YES, kids can wear “socks and crocs”
  • Clear sizing guide
  • Comfortable
  • Easy for littles to put on/take off
  • Durable – you can even save these for hand-me-downs

There are some exceptions to the rule – older kids get picky and want style so this hack is mainly for 8 and under.   We sometimes have special occasion shoes (which I grab at Target and without fail they only see the light of day one time).   Grandma has been known to buy shoes (of course the light-up Spiderman sneakers).

But those are exceptions.  And they still eliminate most or all of the decision making energy.   You can bet there are applications for this trick in all areas (clothes, shoes, lunches, etc) so give it a try and let me know what works.

There you have it, a simple time saving, brain power protecting strategy for your busy lifestyle.   Hopefully, you also finished this blog with some 90’s rap stuck in your head.

Now, go make some important decisions!

Queenveniently yours,

QC // Julie

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