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8 Reasons Why Working Moms Should Stop Social Scrolling

When you’re a working Mom, downtime is not easy to come by.  Yet we find ourselves -multiple times per day – scrolling through our news feeds, quickly scanning loads of content (admit it, mostly on the toilet).

This is not only harmful to our mom-confidence but there are many negative side-effects of  ‘scrollmania’:

  1. Comparing your life to others’ – Sure it’s all fun and games when someone’s life looks like yours, but what happens inside when someone’s life appears better? What if someone is crafting an image of perfect working mom balance?  We naturally compare our lives to others and social media has made that easier than ever.  The problem is – you don’t get the whole picture.  No one’s life is perfect and jealousy and judgement are bad for your brain (which, let’s face it, is already running on limited power between kids and work).
  2. Content overkill – Some days I read three articles and watch a video before even stepping out of bed. My mind starts spinning with all the information I am trying to process.  Yes, there is useful content online (I am a blogger for eff’s sake); BUT the internet is also full of garbage content that can add to your stress and sensory overload.
  3. When #Blessed makes you want to #Barf – I’m not a jerk (most of the time). I find genuine happiness is seeing others succeed, grow their families, and have some fun.  That being said, some of the stuff your connections are posting is fake AF and we all know it!  Don’t let excessive social scrolling fuel your inner-cynic.
  4. The black-hole time suck – Why does time seem to disappear when you are scrolling endlessly? Two minutes turns into ten and you’re late for your next meeting.  Take control of your time by using it intentionally and only on activities that make you feel good.
  5. FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out is real, my friends. So-and-so had happy hour and I missed out!  Look at all these families staying active and we just don’t have time!  Look at all these cool events I can’t go to!  No. Thanks.
  6. Missed connections – I’m talking about face-to-face here. As a rule, if I find myself putting in overtime on the endless scroll of social feeds I will stop and text a friend to see how they are doing.  A real connection can be made with this time and you might even brighten someone’s day.
  7. Anxiety triggers – Becoming a mom exacerbated my anxiety. I know I’m not alone on this one based on all of the recent published research on postpartum anxiety disorders.  I can’t forget the article I saw about a toddler who choked on a grape (that could easily be my son) or new risk factors for SIDS (with my 5 month old sleeping swaddled in her own room).  For an anxious person (hello, anyone with kids) these snippets of content can equal obsessing for dayzzzz.
  8. Role modeling for the kiddos – Show your kids that sitting in front of a phone is not living. If you don’t want teenagers glued to a smart phone, don’t be the parent glued to yours.
  9. Brain exhaustion – Do you ever end the day thinking “my brain actually hurts” trying to remember everything and keep it all together? Give that mind a break; despite people thinking social scrolling is mindless, your mind is very busy taking in all that content.
  10. Because, time. – Living a life of queenvenience is about taking control of the time you do have. Use it on things that inspire you, make you smile, and leave you feeling good.

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