Simple and Convenient Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Working Moms

Do I workout?  Not really.  Sort of.  It’s not that I don’t want to be the person who works out, I just have never been able to find the time and the passion to make it a daily routine.  Instead, I do it the most Queen-venient way I know how!   Here are the top 4 tips for improving your overall health and getting closer to achieving the ultimate balance.

Tip #1 – TRACK- automatically. Get yourself a tracking device.  There are so many options here!  I suggest one with an easy-to-use app and a stylish band.  Currently I am obsessing over the FitBit Alta HR because of the brightly colored and switchable bands!   Most of the newest devices will buzz your wrist when you’ve been sitting too long and remind you to get off your arse and walk around.  Too bad typing doesn’t count for anything J.  Set your step goals and I promise this little thing will give you a better idea of your activity levels and get you moving more!   All you have to do is remember to slap it on your wrist and leave the heavy lifting to modern technology.

Tip #2 – CONNECT. Find a social site that inspires you.  I joined Weight Watchers both times I needed lose a little baby weight.  The first time, I thought it was so mundane and depressing.  It literally took the joy out every 5-point glass of wine I liked to enjoy in the evening.   This time?  I absolutely it!  They added a social component to the online membership – Connect.  I read inspiring stories any time I want (mostly while passing the time during a pump session – read here for more on Passing the Time While You Pump).  There are so many inspiring people out there changing their lives I couldn’t help but feel uplifted, confident, and accepting of where I am in my health journey right at this moment.   It’s okay if Weight Watchers isn’t your thing – apps like FitBit, and inspire have dedicated social-like news feeds with endless inspiration!  No more FOMO and MLM with your Facebook feed (studies have shown that people get down about their own life after scrolling Facebook and similar sites).

2016-08-28 18.28.56
Actual photo of my prince and I doing a prenatal yoga video (when I was pregnant with the princess)

Tip #3 – INTEGRATE.  My inner software nerd smiles at this one.  Integration of healthy living means doing squats while you play with baby, striking a yoga pose with your toddler, and finding ways to incorporate the most basic and simple healthy living concepts like walking outside, stretching on the floor, and laughing at silly things while you are spending time with your family.  A twofer that makes everyone better – showing your kids a healthy lifestyle means they are more likely to follow in your footsteps.

Tip #4 –  BE NICE.  To yourself that is.  So you aren’t at Crossfit  with flat abs 6 months after your first baby?   Doesn’t mean you are less than.  Doesn’t mean you never will.  Just means you need to set realistic expectations and be accepting of where you are.  A day with 8,000 steps for me is quite aMom2moMn accomplishment for me after being in front of a computer most of the day.

You can live a healthy balanced life in a convenient way – by adjusting your expectations of perfection and incorporating minor changes to your daily routine.

Share your convenient healthy living tips here!

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