Passing the Time While You Pump

If you are reading this, you’ve no doubt found the depths of boredom while taking pump breaks during work.   If you are a clumsy breast milk pumper like me you’ve never mastered hands-free so you need activities in line with one handed phone scrolling and very, very little brain power.   Here are some of my favorite Queen-venient apps for endless pump-er-tainment:

  • Instagram – ‘cause you can just look at the pretty pictures
  • Weight Watchers Connect – so many inspiring stories and confidence-building content
  • H+M – best kids clothes on the cheap – get your shopping done for the quarter (more tips on quarterly clothes shopping here)
  • Pinterest – ‘cause more pretty pictures (though don’t do this if you feel pressure to accomplish the things you see- ain’t nobody got time for that)
  • Amazon Alexa – girl, finish that grocery list!  Not sure what this is?  Check out my blog  The 3-Step Working Families’ Guide to Convenient Groceries
  • YouTube – How to videos. Currently trending: how to put on makeup to not look like a mom-bie so people don’t keep saying “you look exhausted!
  • Personal Capital – Budget like a boss. More on that here.

And the absolute best app of all?!  Scrolling through photos of your beautiful babies.  Those princes and princesses are the best inspiration there is to escape the doldrums of pump land!

What are other apps you can’t live without?

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