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Three Smart Devices Every Multitasking Mom Must Have

SmartDevices2Let’s face it – even though we know better, as working moms we are constantly multitasking!  Cleaning up while thinking of your grocery list while putting on a TV show while talking to your husband while answering your kid’s 34th “why?”.  Sound familiar?   For me, my thoughts are rarely linear and I am consistently juggling a few tasks at a time.  Thanks to my husband’s gadget obsession, I have become a smarter multitasker thanks to a few handy smart devices:

  1. Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Black($50)

This. Is. Everything.  Amazon’s smart device, pseudonym “Alexa”, is worth every penny for shopping lists alone.  I can be making dinner, see we are low on butter, say “Alexa, add butter to the shopping list”, she quickly confirms and now this data is on an app both King Convenient (my hubs) and I access.  Husband stopping at the store?  Gone are the days of trying to remember what things you need to pick up, which supplies are low and whether or not someone else picked them up already.   We also use it for our weekly online grocery shopping – more on that here – which gives us a comprehensive reference to anything we’ve run out of that week.  Alexa can do other things, too!  Like tell you the weather outside to help plan your day, give you a traffic report, and tell you the top news stories.  All hands-free (great for when your toddler is running around while you are breastfeeding a baby while your spouse prepares dinner).

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat, 2nd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa ($199)

This thing is SMART and sexy (now in Rose Gold….drool).  It replaces nearly any home thermostat and allows you to access and control your home’s temperature via an app on your smart phone.  It will save you money, prevent you from having to go downstairs to change the thermostat at 3am, provide you reports on your energy use (you can earn green leaves for being efficient), and bonus – it has an integration with Queen Alexa of Amazon! “Alexa, turn the heat to 72” while you are elbow deep in kids’ bath bubbles trying to find someone’s lost crayon.

  1. Xbox One ($249)

I was not excited at all to purchase a “gaming” system for my grown-ass husband when I was 6 months pregnant with our first child.  I thought what TERRIBLE timing to take an interest in video games when he should be worshipping his baby-growing Queen of a wife.   It was also expensive, not something you just pick up on a whim.  But now, I absolutely love it.  Why?  Easy-to-use access to Netflix, voice recognition (Xbox watch Bravo!), digital movie library for all the new Disney flicks and, okay, a couple of games even I like to play.  I am not kidding when I say my son’s first word was “Xbox” after hearing Mom and Dad talk to it all of the time.

I hope this helps my fellow parental-royalty in freeing up time for our princes, princesses and ourselves! There are so many cool, new smart devices popping on to the market every day – what is your go-to?  Don’t forget to check out my blog on smart phone apps!

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